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Complimentary Consultation offered by Dr. Pamela Paul Psychotherapist

Complimentary Consultation

$00.for complimentary session

Not sure if counseling or coaching is right for you? Want to find out more about the therapeutic process and the benefits for you? Schedule a face to face or telephone consultation & be informed!

Individual Counseling with Dr. Pamela Paul Psychotherapist

Individual Counseling

$95.for 50 minute session

Get support and direction for dealing with the issues that weigh you down. Find healing for emotional pain and wounds of the past.. Gain hope, confidence, and strength that enables you to live free.

Couples Counseling offered by Dr. Pamela Paul

Couples Counseling

$95. for 50 minute session
Deal with the struggles between you and your significant other. Learn to communicate openly and honestly. Address the conflict between you. Learn to love again and grow stronger in your relationship.
Skype-Telephone Therapy with Dr. Pamela Paul

Skype or Telephone Session

$75 for 30 minute session
Use the convenience of online access via webcam or telephone to get the support you need. Schedule your appointment today and find the support you need to move forward in your life.
Personal Coaching with Dr. Pamela Paul

Personal Coaching

$75 for 30 min, face to face, online, or by telephone

Need support to get unstuck from patterns of behavior that have you drifting in life? Take charge of your future and be proactive with your goals. Watch how quickly things can turn around!

Walk the Talk Therapy with Dr. Pamela Paul, Psychotherapist.

Walk the Talk Therapy

$75 for one hour walk through local park

Release those feel good endorphins that come only through movement! Choose “Walk the Talk” therapy with Pamela to process through your concerns & get the coaching you need for a new and improved life!


“After my initial consultation, I became committed to making changes in my life. Going through every step with Pamela’s guidance not only helped me with my body image problems, but unexpectedly brought my marriage and other relationships to a much more rewarding level. I am happy in my own skin and look forward to each day. Using the tools from this program has turned me around.”

Dee – Clearwater, FL

“Counseling has helped to shape me into a healthier role model for my children. It has made me able to enjoy life and love for the first time. Life used to be only about being thin and perfect. Now life is about fun, love, and happiness, and it feels GREAT!” Linda – Seminole, FL
“What can I say about the one experience that has changed my life forever? I suppose I would first say thank you to God that He led me to Pamela Paul and then thank you to Pamela for being able to reach me at a deeper level, human and spiritual, as no one ever has before. I didn’t even know what I was missing until I found it, which only took Pamela a few weeks to begin guiding me directly to what was an incredible journey toward my all around wellness that no other counselor, dietician, or doctor has ever been able to provide me. I will be forever indebted and grateful for being led on this journey. I encourage anyone that wants a more in-depth testimony to ask Pamela for my email address or phone number. God bless this journey, God bless Pamela, and God bless anyone else who is guided to her office in the first place let go, and just let it be.” Karin  – St. Petersburg, FL
“I feel I am on a better track of understanding and liking me. The truth cards have been especially beneficial.  I feel I am more upbeat and positive and have learned why I’ve been insecure for so many years and how I can re-write my personal truths and self-talk. Thank you!” Shelana – Seminole, FL
” I am growing as a person due to the Get Real About You Series.  I am surprised at the changes I have made in my thinking. Thank you,” Lavonda – Largo, FL
“Meeting with Pamela helped me to renew my faith in myself, my faith in God, and my faith in therapy! She was a light in a dark time of my life and I will remember her always on my journey!” Jaima – St. Petersburg, FL
“Pamela was able to facilitate a specific program for me that truly peeled off many years of baggage to reveal my true self.  Through this process I have been able to improve my self-image, marriage, and other family relationships.  I have never felt better in my life!:” Sheila – Largo, FL
“Working with Pamela has taught me to reach within and rewrite my personal truths.  I found an inner strength I did not know existed.  I have learned that I have the power over my own happiness, and the decision to make my life happy and fulfilling is uniquely my own.  Thank you, Pamela. ” Terry – Largo, FL
“After spending 35 years struggling with self-esteem, depression, weight control, and negative body feelings, as well as trying many different programs, diets, and spiritual approaches, I have made tremendous strides with the issues I have been struggling with.  I have a renewed sense of self, and most importantly, a belief that I can heal.  Pamela was a tremendous asset to me even when I thought I was doomed to fail.  She worked patiently with me, never judging, always accepting.  I felt so completely safe and secure with her as I confronted the negative forces and influences in my life.  It is as if I have been lifted out of the darkness and I am a new person.” Janine – St. Petersburg, FL
“Pamela has guided me in constructive ways towards greater life enrichment and empowerment.  I look forward to each of our sessions, excited to be working on “me” in a positive, therapeutic manner.  Friends and acquaintances say I look peaceful and beaming with energy and happiness, and that I am strong both mentally and physically.  She has helped me realize this inner potential, and is truly a Godsend to me in my journey towards personal growth.” Tracey – Seminole, FL
“Everyone in the group was so caring. This was the first time ever I felt like I was not alone.  I learned so much from the book and the group.  As a result my eating habits are so much healthier and I even exercise regularly.  My whole outlook on food and exercise has changed.” Michele – Seminole, FL
“Knowing that other people are where I have been, where I am at, and where I would like to be is a tremendous benefit and comfort.  Thank you for being you Pamela!” Laura – Largo, FL
“This past year has been very uplifting for me as I have learned a lot about myself mainly how to rewrite my negative messages to myself as positive dialogue to encourage myself.  I have learned that it is more important how to perceive myself than how others perceive me.  By committing to my goals for a healthier lifestyle, I truly believe I have achieved becoming healthy, athletic, slim, and trim.  Through counseling I have a better understanding of how I think and how to positively bring personal lifestyle improvements through my commitments to myself.” Lori – Madeira Beach, FL
“After my initial consultation, I became committed to making changes in my life. Going through every step with Pamela’s guidance not only helped me with my body image problems, but unexpectedly brought my marriage and other relationships to a much more rewarding level. I am happy in my own skin and look forward to each day. Using the tools from this program has turned me around.” Dee – Clearwater, FL
“Thank you for encouraging me to be more authentic with myself and others! It has been wonderful to share this journey!” Anonymous
“Counseling with Pamela helped put me on a solid path towards regaining my personal balance and peace.  As a wife and mother in a blended family (third marriage) our family has faced many challenges and is still working through areas of healing and growing fully into the family God intended us to be.  An important part of the process for me was to set some personal boundaries, surrender some burdens, and release false personal expectations.  Counseling helped identify and then empower those steps.” Stephanie – Clearwater, FL
“I have found my time with Pamela to be so helpful and I am sincerely grateful. Pamela is exceptional at what she does. She is intelligent, well spoken, and poised. It is inspiriting! I don’t know how she remembers all the details from all my ramblings, but she does and she cares, and it is remarkable. I use daily over and over again so much of what I learned. Thank you so much!” Lauren – Holiday, FL
“Thank you Pamela for all the support and assistance you gave me through the last couple of years. Between God, my pastor, and you, I survived and grew in spiritual strength, and I am looking forward, at the age of 55, to start a new and exciting life! Bless you and the wonderful work that you do to make it a better place for others!” Laura – Seminole, FL
“Since last seeing you, I have been promoted to a new position in the V.A., obtained a new vehicle, and, this month, my 3rd home. Most importantly is the way I have been carrying myself as a man of God. I am changed, happy and blessed. Thank you for the extensive time you gave me, and may the Lord continue to bless you and your family.” Jose – Largo, FL
“Pamela has a wonderful way of helping others help themselves. She shared with me tools that I immediately could use. The best part about going to Pamela is that I felt she zeroed in on my issues almost immediately, and I was able to begin change right away. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, kindness and spirit with me. God Bless You.” Joan – Seminole, FL